Import from Italy
Import from Italy

Import from China is a familiar process, but what about importing from Italy? Is it possible? Who is it suitable for? What is the process to import from Italy? And why with Casa Group?

So how does it actually work? The procedure is similar to the import procedure from China and the principle behind it all is the huge savings in the brokerage gaps.

In your country, when we buy a branded product it usually goes through a few “hands” until the moment it reach your home. When we purchase directly from the manufacturer, we save huge costs compared to the same brand that sold in your country. Importantly, the import of home from Italy enables you to purchase the products you have always dreamed of while maintaining a high standard of quality products and high finish levels as is well known in European countries in general and Italy in particular.

Casa Group LTD was established in 2001 and has since served hoteliers and private clients from many countries

Our company started out as an Italian company in PESARO city in MARCHE province, Italy, we are specializing in the manufacture of branded furniture that designed by the Italian designers and marketed to many countries around the world. Throughout the years we have designed and manufactured luxury furniture, customized by the customers.

Why from Italy?

Italy known as one of the world’s largest manufacturing country, the huge selection they offer for every product that available in the market combined with their huge workforce makes Turkey to the “endless possibilities” country.

In China you can find any product that comes to your mind, the possibilities are endless.
As is the case in Italy where you can also get very fast delivery times and high quality product.

One of the most significant advantages of our company in the import process from Italy is the good acquaintance with the Italian market, the manufacturers, the way of negotiation and the conditions of purchase and logistics from Italy, as stated, in light of the fact that our company started out as an Italian company.

There are a few key steps to complete your purchasing project from Italy :

1.  “Introduction”-Meeting or phone conversation is important step to let us know and learn your needs and the type of your project.

2.  “Information”-The next step is to get all the important information such as plans, drawings, quantity lists and all the relevant documents to prepare the quotation lists from the suppliers.

3.  “The Flight” – We are the only company that let our customers buy directly from the suppliers, its the best way to let the customer or his purchasing manager buy directly from the factories in Turkey to get competitive prices and see exactly what he buy. in this case our representatives will pick you up from the airport to the hotel and then to start the purchasing process.

4.  “Purchasing Process”-Depending on the pre-planned schedule, we will visit all the relevant suppliers to place the orders and discuss about all the details, the customer will get a VIP service that including privet driver, translator and project manager during all his visit.

5.  “Qc Services and Loading”-During the production, our company will give QC services for all the orders. we will check the goods during the process and will share all the details with the customer, In due course, we will collect all orders and make sure they are sent to the destination country.

6.  “Assembling and Installation”-Our special team will come to the site to finalize the process and install all the items in the site.

If you are also planning to build or renovate your private house or hotel, you are in the right place

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