Ordering procedure abroad
Ordering procedure abroad

You decided to go abroad to import Furniture and Building materials for your dream home, but how do you do it? How does it work? What should you buy and what shouldn’t?


This overseas import procedure is a serious procedure that requires a great deal of knowledge in product purchasing, pre-preparation, experience in procurement, negotiation  and orderly scheduling in order to avoid wasting valuable time. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best and most experienced company for the import of all products.

The trip to one of the countries is the main stage in the import process. The action begins when you board the plane and arrive at your destination. At the airport, you will have our representatives who will guide you throughout your stay and be available to you 24 hours a day, our representatives will take you to the hotel for a CHECK IN and from there you will continue the procurement journey.

Our representatives will take you to the best markets, manufacturers and factories according to your requirements and according to your needs. You will be impressed by dozens of manufacturers and factories, dozens of showrooms and thousands of designs …. for every item you want to purchase! There is a huge selection of designs so that every customer can find exactly what he likes and what he always dreamed without compromising the quality of the products and most importantly – saving tens of percent.

Why not order the products from the Internet and that’s it?

Today, when the internet and media is so easy and simple to operate, everyone has the ability to reach every supplier in the other side of the world, contact with him directly, get a quote, place the order and even get it straight to his home. But it is important to understand that purchasing from a vendor over the Internet has many drawbacks such as incompatibility with actual purchased product or failure to meet expectations, poor finish level, poor quality and risk of not receiving the product in its entirety. It is also important to understand that purchasing from the Internet is not suitable for customers who wish to purchase all the items for their house or their hotel, as one of the main parameters of the import process is the shipment to the country, which changes significantly when you ship all the products within one container.

How do I know I’ve purchased good products?

You will make the purchase with the manufacturers in the presence of our company representatives who will translate everything for you, assist you in choosing the right products, assist you in the negotiations and even record all your purchases on personal file and folder. In order to make the actual orders, you will have to pay to the suppliers about 30% deposit. After completing a product purchase from the planned shopping list, you will proceed to the next product purchase until the purchase is completed. At the end of each working day, our reps will make a daily purchase summary with you to make sure you are on schedule so you can estimate your purchase budget and, of course, continue planning for the next few days, and planning the itinerary.

And how do I know what’s allowed and what I’m not allowed to import?

During the purchasing process, our company representatives will accompany you wherever and throughout your stay, our representatives will guide you which products are worthwhile and appropriate to purchase. It is important to understand that the policy of importing products into the country is rigid and therefore it is important to know what is allowed and what is not allowed and for this purpose our representatives will always be at your disposal and will update you if necessary.

Why with us?

The most significant advantage of our company is our vast experience and rich knowledge, thanks to our support to dozens of private customers and wholesalers, large projects, contractors, villas, hotels and luxury apartments. They all had the same import process, they all made overseas purchase and we all carried out strict quality control.

Another advantage of our company is the logistics capability in four countries, each of which has professional and skilled staff members who can give each client a personal and warm attitude regardless of the size of the project.

Need professinal company for you project? you are in the right place!

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