QC Services for Wholsalers
QC Services for Wholsalers

Service to Importers, What Does It Mean? Who is it for? What does it need? How It Works? Why carry it with us?

As part of our ongoing operations, our company provides ongoing services to importers, purchasing and QC (quality control) services. The service is comprehensive and effective where our company provides privet and personal support to the importer. The service saves the importer up to tens of percent of product costs while maintaining product quality. As part of the process, and if necessary, our company assists with the relevant suppliers and establishments and assists in the negotiations, the main service for importers is to carry out the quality of their products handle the loading services and if necessary also adjust the products according to the relevant standards.

if you need professional QC service in China, Turkey or Italy, you are in the right place!

call us: +90-5538820217 OR +972-747695888

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Mainland China
Room No.C09-10, 3rd Floor of Wanxiang Decoration Material City, Xinhua Rd, Lecong Town,
Representation office in Israel
No. 35 Ha-Avoda ST. Ashdod city, Israel
Representation office in Italy
No. 7 Via Rastrelli , Milano ITALIA
Head Office in Turkey
Yeşilkent, 1917. Sk. No:2, 34515 Esenyurt/İstanbul, Turkey