• Who we are?
  • Established in 2001, Casa Group started out as a company in Italy specializing in luxury furniture that designed by the best Italian designers and marketed to many countries around the world.
    Over the years, our company relocated its offices to the city of Foshan, China and later to Istanbul, Turkey.
    Throughout its years of operation, our company has served many clients around the world. private customers who wanted to purchase all their house Building materials and Furniture from China, Turkey and Italy and business customers and companies who regularly purchase the products from one of the above countries.
    As part of our work, we were involved in dozens of projects designed by the best designers around the world, and we designed furniture of all kinds, with most of the orders customized to the needs of our customers.
    Our company is one of the leading companies that invite the customers to China, Turkey and Italy to buy directly from the factories and give professional services thanks to the vast experience that our company has accumulated over the years and thanks to the rich knowledge that our company has acquired.

  • Who is it for?
  • The purchasing process from abroad is a concentrated and busy process that is suitable for clients who build their privet house or renovating. As part of this process, customers that come to one of the countries, where one of our company's representatives will pick them up from the airport. in this process they save over than 50% from the constrution costs.
  • Who is our clients?
  • Our company provides services to both private and business customers.
    For Private Customers Our company provides personal import service from abroad, as part of the process Our company assists clients in purchasing all the house equipments, loading for the purchased products and assistance with the customs clearance procedure if necessary.
    For Business Customers Our company provides a selection of services which include supplier locating, negotiation management, quality control, loading services and assistance with customs clearance procedures. Usually, the service to companies is customized and according to customer needs, that is, there are customers for whom our company performs only the quality control and there are companies for which our company performs all the service.
  • What can you buy from China, Turkey or Italy?
  • As part of import from one of the countries, you can purchase all the finishing products for your dream house without compromising the quality of the products, the quality finish and of course keeping the planned budget.
    Our company accompanies you to the best markets that dealing with interior and exterior flooring products, various wall coverings, sanitary ware and bathroom products. Also, as part of the purchase of house equipments, we will visit markets that dealing with kitchen cabinets,wardrobes, furniture, lighting and even decoration markets and home apparel products.
  • What are the Company Services?
  • As part of the import, our company accompanies you throughout your stay in the country from the time you landed at the airport, until the moment you board the plane back to your country. We will take you to the best pre-tailored markets according to your needs and requirements and assist you in selecting the right products and negotiating with the suppliers, our service did not end as soon as you board the plane back to your country, it has just begun! We will regularly check the production of your orders and check that the products purchased are identical to the ones you receive. We will check the nature of the products and send you pictures indicating the correctness of the products you purchased.
    After the quality control is completed, we will collect all the products from the suppliers and load them into containers which will make their way to your country. Most of our private customers are not knowledgeable about imports, so our company will assist you in dealing with Customs Clearance, Customs and Ports Authority and container shipping.

  • So how does it actually work?
  • The procedure consists of several main steps. The initial stage is the introductory meeting to know each other, get the intentions and recommendations.
    The second step is a more in-depth meeting where we will go over the construction plans and quantity plans, plan your journey, close a travel date, and adjust expectations.
    In the third stage, the excitement begins, taking the flight to one of the countries, where the company representatives will pick you up from the airport, take you to a nearby hotel and then start your purchase journey as planned. In the process, we will get to the best local suppliers that have been designed ahead of time and according to your needs, we will purchase the flooring, cladding, sanitary, furniture and decoration products you have always dreamed of. And at this point, our representative will take you back to the airport (unless you choose to stay for another trip).
    In the fourth phase, our company will controll your orders and carry out all the quality control for the products you have purchased and our representatives will send you pictures and documentation of the products you have purchased.
    In the last step we will load your orders into containers on their way to the destination. After the products arrive to you, our representatives will be happy to assist you with the release of the containers from customs and conduct with the Customs Broker and Ports Authority.
    That is, all of your products are with you and now it remains to be installed.

  • So what should I take with me for purchasing process?
  • As part of the purchasing process in one of the countries and after the orders are placed, we will have to pay to the suppliers about 30% of the order value, and therefore, you will need to bring with you at least 30% of the anticipated purchase value planned ahead of time.
  • Why with us?
  • Our company is one of the oldest companies in the market and has the most experience and knowledge that will be available to you throughout. Our representative will guide you what is permissible to purchase and what should not be purchased to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy in customs. Our representative will also guide you to choosing the best product within the budget in terms of product quality and will assist you in negotiating with the supplier.
  • How to contact us?
  • Our main office located in Istanbul City Turkey, the city of the Furniture decoration and building material.
    you can reach us by several ways:
    Phone number: +90-553-8820217
    Int. Phone number: +972-74-7695888
    email: info@casavillaprojects.com

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